About Us

About The PIPA Foundation

Welcome to The PIPA Foundation, a UK registered charity dedicated to advancing Brazilian contemporary art on the global stage. Established as a natural evolution of our esteemed partner, Instituto PIPA, we share a common vision of nurturing, documenting, and promoting the vibrant world of Brazilian artistic expression.

Our Mission

At The PIPA Foundation, we are committed to fostering the growth and recognition of Brazilian contemporary art beyond the borders of Brazil. Drawing inspiration from our close collaboration with Instituto PIPA, we are driven by the shared goal of supporting artists, facilitating their development, and showcasing their remarkable creations to a diverse international audience.

Collaborative Spirit

Our relationship with Instituto PIPA is one of mutual respect and collaboration. By sharing a Board of Trustees, we build upon years of experience in the art world, ensuring that our initiatives align seamlessly with the core purpose that both organisations hold dear.

Global Reach

As a registered charity in the United Kingdom, we extend our reach beyond Brazil’s shores, opening doors to a broader spectrum of opportunities for artists and art enthusiasts alike. Through exhibitions, events, and educational initiatives, we strive to enhance public knowledge and appreciation of Brazilian arts and culture.

Legacy of Innovation

The creation of The PIPA Foundation in 2019 marks a pivotal moment in our journey. It signifies not only a natural progression of Instituto PIPA’s impactful work but also heralds the prospect of extending the esteemed “PIPA platform” to global horizons.

With this transformative step, we are embarking on a path that honours the legacy of our collaborative efforts and looks forward to a future where the power of art transcends boundaries. The creation of The PIPA Foundation signifies a dynamic shift—an amplification of our commitment to fostering artistic growth, promoting cultural exchange, and enriching lives through Brazilian contemporary art.

At the heart of this legacy of innovation lies Instituto PIPA’s pioneering initiative, the PIPA Art Prize. Since its inception in 2010, this prestigious contemporary art prize has been an annual celebration of creativity within Brazil’s artistic landscape. As one of the most esteemed art awards in Latin America, it has played a pivotal role in elevating the global prominence of Brazilian contemporary art. 

Beyond recognition, the PIPA Art Prize stands as an abundant source for research, including 600+ pages of artists who have been nominated for the award, providing valuable insights into the evolution of artistic expressions.

Celebrating Diversity

Our commitment to promoting Brazilian arts and culture is underpinned by a dedication to diversity and cross-cultural exchange. By curating exhibitions of works by Brazilian artists in the United Kingdom, we bridge geographical divides and inspire conversations that transcend boundaries.

Thank you for joining us on this enriching journey of artistic exploration and cross-cultural connection. Together, we are shaping a future where Brazilian contemporary art flourishes on the global canvas, creating lasting impressions and fostering mutual understanding.